Sunday, September 11, 2011

3-Button Sweatshirt Tutorial

This started with my obsession with Pinterest. I came across this Pin for a 3 Button Sweatshirt from Etsy. I did my normal thing and say, I can make this. I searched high and low for a tutorial and came up empty handed. I thought, well it can't be that hard to make from an old sweatshirt. While it isn't an exact replica, I'm very happy with the outcome.

I tried to take pictures from start to finish so you can try it yourself. If you get lost please ask and I can try to guide you through.

This is my finished project.

Here is how I did it:

I started with a large sweatshirt that I picked up from the Salvation Army for $2 (I figured if I totally screwed up it wouldn't be a big loss.)

I took my seam ripper to it, taking off the pouch, bottom cuff, sleeves and sleeve cuffs. Note: You do not have to take off the sleeves however I liked the looks of the seams on the outside.

I cut the front of the sweatshirt up the middle and was left with something looking a little like this:

I wrapped the front so the 2 pieces overlapped each other and pinned in place. I then pinned and chalked the sides.

I basted the sides, I recommend basting a different color thread than the shirt and different from the color you will be using. It will be easier if you want to take the stitch out. 

Then I had my husband help me to pin the sleeves to take in.
I chalked the basting stitch to see it better on the black material. 

Using my chalk line, I started sewing. The material on the right side of my chalk line is going to be cut off.  

 I cut off all the excess material and sewed the sleeves back on. Originally my plan was to take the shoulders up, but the sleeves went long enough to be full length if I had done that.

Then I decided on button placement. I chalked the outsides of the buttons so I can use my buttonhole maker on my sewing machine.

Once my button holes were complete, I pinned in place once more and chalked through the buttonholes to place my buttons. I hand sewed on my buttons.


 I need to wash it so that it takes the chalk off the shirt.

I think I want to find a pattern for a sweatshirt and modify it so I can make it from new material.

I hope you enjoyed! If you make your own, I would love to see your finish project. This is the first in my series of Pinterest Inspired Crafts.

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  1. Great Job!! I will be trying this soon!

  2. wow! you rock! this is so awesome. when i first saw this pic, i was so excited because i thought it was a tutorial. i haven't had time to make it myself, but i think it's beautiful... and yours came out GREAT!!
    i'm your newest follower! come by and visit if you have time.
    carla :)
    Mrs. No-No Knows

  3. This looks so great!! Awesome job coming up with your own tutorial! I'm in the Caribbean until December... but when I get home I want to try this!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Fantastic! That's one to copy! Thanks!

  5. That is AMAZING. Having such a fabulous sweatshirt would make those long winter days soooooo much easier to handle. Thanks for linking this up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

  6. Oh, well done! I will have to try this instead of trying to replace a broken zipper in my old sweatshirts. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  7. love this amazing idea! I am totally inspired from Pinterest on a minute to minute basis! You did an amazing job! You're going to be super cute and warm this fall!! Thanks for linking up to WWWW! Hope to see you again this week!

  8. You did such a great job- on the sweatshirt and the tutorial. I may have to try this one. Thanks for taking the time to share how you did it.

  9. Thanks so much. I was searching for a tutorial on the same Pin.

  10. ahhh thank you so much i've been looking for hours to find a tutorial for the same hoodie! i found it on pinterest as well and did the same thing you did and said "i bet i can make that" haha, so thank you!!!

  11. This is awesome!!! You are amazing! I did the exact same thing when I saw the pin. I looked and looked and just couldn't find it. Found the etsy one. $130? RIDICULOUS! I was just about to figure out how to make it myself when I found your tutorial! It is awesome! Thanks so much! Maybe I can make it before it snows! If I get it done, I will definitely show you!

  12. Thank you so much!! I saw that pin and was so bummed when I saw it wasn't a tutorial. I would never pay so much for a sweatshirt as what she's charging on etsy so I'm excited to try to make one on my own!

  13. I need to make this. Like NOW. ^_~ Great job

  14. I saw the same pin thank so so much for posting a tutorial!!!

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